Aluminium Composite Bonding

Adhesive solutions.

There are several different ways you can bond aluminium composite panels or sheets. We stock a range of tried and tested aluminium composite bonding products which we have carefully evaluated to ensure they work.

Whenever using a bonding system with aluminium composite you must ensure that you follow all application instructions to the letter and ensure that you spend the time to ensure your bonding is

 Very High Bond tapes (VHB)

You can bond aluminium composite with special VHB double sided tapes. Aluminium composite to be bonded with VHB tape first be properly cleaned with IPA alcohol. Once this has evaporated you are ready to apply your VHB tape.

aluminium composite bonding with vhb tape

Aluminium composite bonded with VHB tape will adhere to any smooth flat surface. This aluminium composite bonding solution is quick, cost effective and clean

If you wish to buy VHB tape for use with aluminium composite we have suitable tape in stock.

Flexible cartridge adhesives

Bonding aluminium composite with cartridge based adhesives is a good solution for rougher surfaces and areas in which you wish to allow your aluminium composite installations to "breath".

aluminium composite bonding

We used flexible cartridge adhesive on all our fabricated sign tray products- the flexibility allows for much easier installation. Bonding aluminium composite with this type of adhesive is a simple process. We recommend that you key the rear of you composite and clean with IPA alcohol. From here on in you simply follow the instructions on your chosen cartridge adhesive.

We can supply you with an exterior grade waterproof adhesive from stock.

Epoxy adhesives.

Aluminium composites can be bonded with two part methylmetacrylate adhesives. This type of adhesive creates a strong bond which sets very quickly.

aluminium composite bonding system

When bonding aluminium composite with this type of adhesive it is critical that you follow the right preparation procedure. You MUST key both parts to be bonded with sandpaper- you cannot skip this step. Both surfaces MUST the be cleaned with IPA alcohol- no other cleaner can be used. When the IPA residue has evaporated you are ready to apply the adhesive and bond your aluminium composite.

Caution- there is a known issue with this type of adhesive. The curing action can cause the reverse side of your aluminium composite to "dish". This is especially noticeable with highly reflective aluminium composite colours and effects- Chrome in particular.

We have stocks of adhesive available- our product is carefully stored and thrown away if the shelf life has expired. Most suppliers are not vigilant in batch date checking or storage. This is the biggest reason for adhesive failure.

Specific Terms and conditions apply to all adhesive sales- contact us for details.

Bonding aluminium composite- a full range of solutions.

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