Aluminium Composite Panels.

All shapes and sizes supplied.

Aluminium composite panels are easy and affordable for you to buy in  ready to use formats. Our panel cutting services are all based around sophisticated CNC technology- we don't cut with saw based systems- these are not as accurate as CNC systems and cannot cope with curved or irregular shapes which are things we know you want to be able to specify..

aluminium composite panel cutting

Aluminium composite panels can be manufactured from a range of different brands. From premium brands through to cost effective generics your panel requirements can be

Proper part cutting.

Nearly every other supplier of aluminium composite panels will use a wall  or tablealuminium composite panel saw when they cut your Our CNC approach is so much better that the question is why you would buy from a supplier who offers you less?

With our service your aluminium composite panels can be any shape and any size. From circles to ovals there is no limitation on the aluminium composite panel shapes you can buy. Where saw based systems rely on human input our CNC based panel cutting service relies entirely upon reliable, accurate computer controlled machinery- which doesn't make mistakes.

The cut edge quality of our CNC produced aluminium composite panels is far superior to any saw- if overall quality is important then our service is right for you.

Pre drilled a standard option

Many customers use aluminium composite panels in conjuncture with sign support fixings for these customers we deliver panels which are not only cut to shape but also feature pre-drilled mounting holes. All cutting work is computerised so the results are 100% accurate every time.

You can see our own range of sign support products by using the link- these are exclusive to the Smart Group.

Road sign blanks.

Another popular aluminium composite panel application is for road sign blanks. As aluminium composite panels have virtually no scrap value this application has become ever more popular as the price of metal rises.aluminium composite panels

Aluminium composite panels for road sign work can be manufactured in any size or shape you may require. Rounded safety corners are built in as standard.

A full range of mounting hardware; stainless steel clips, mounting channel and pre painted posts can also be supplied. If you want a complete ready to install product we can even apply the graphics for you.

For all industries.

Aluminium composite panels are popular with sign makers, shop fitters and many other industries. Our aluminium composite panel cutting service allows any company in any industry fast, easy and cost effective access to real internet prices.

With many brands and types of aluminium composite available you can get all you need from one convenient supplier.

As well as panels you can get hold of all these types of product manufactured from aluminium composite.

Which other aluminium composite supplier offers you all this?


Aluminium composite panels- any shape any size without the price premium.

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