Aluminium Composite panels.

Aluminium composite panels; from full sheets through to custom shapes and sizes. When you need a set of precise aluminium composite panels we're ready to help.

aluminium composite panel cutting

Your choice.

Aluminium composite panels can be machined from any material you like; from big brand names like Dibond through to unbranded generic ACM. Cheap 2mm thick materials through to heavy duty 6 or 8mm thick ACM's; you can have panels cut from any composite you like.

If you've already got your own sheet stock and simply need someone to machine it into panel sets we can help with that. There is absolutely no need to buy raw material from us; if you just want a panel cutting service then we're happy to help. Pallets of aluminium composite can be free issued to us. machined and returned ready for you to use however you want.

aluminium composite panel

If you haven't sourced the aluminium composite sheet stock you need we can help you with that too. Are you finding that other composite suppliers don't have the colour you require, the sheet size you want or the skin thickness you need? Why not ask us if we can help? Sourced direct from the factory we can place an order for aluminium composite on your behalf; the exact specifications you need delivered from the European manufacturer.


All aluminium composite panels are produced using CNC machinery; either router or waterjet. This type of panel cutting allows for any shape or size with or without fixing holes. Rather than simply give you square or rectangular composite aluminium panels we'll give you any shape you want.

With over 20 years experience working aluminium composites your panels are always delivered unscratched with no burrs or defects.