Aluminium Composite Sign trays and pans

Aluminium Composite sign trays and pans at wholesale prices. This service is perfect for sign and display companies who want the benefits of aluminiumaluminium composite sign pan images composite sign trays and pans without the expense entailed in buying their own CNC system.

The aluminium composite sign tray and pan service we offer you is a proper manufacturing service- we are not advertising a product we do not or cannot make which is something of a recurring theme online. Aluminium composite sign trays are a speciality and we will give you the best price- and that's guaranteed.

All finishes of aluminium composite.

You can choose any coloured, metal effect, stone effect or wood effect aluminium composite to make up your sign pans. All the aluminium composites with a foil thickness of 0.3mm can be fabricated into pans and trays.

aluminium composite sign pans

All aluminium composite sign pans and trays are manufactured using CNC systems- not by hand. Automated production allows for the production of a precise sign tray in the shortest- hence cheapest time frame.

Flat packed or fully assembled.

You can choose from flat packed aluminium composite sign pans or a full assembled option. Flat packed sign pans are shipped pre scored with rivet holes pre drilled and corner plates packed loose. To assemble your aluminium composite sign pan you simply fold up the edges, rivet in the corner plates and apply the flexible joint adhesive. You get the adhesive, corner plates and rivets as part of the flat pack kit. Flat packed sign pans save on transport costs and production time and are offered at a lower price. You can also buy flat packed panel stiffeners.

Fully assembled aluminium composite sign pans are supplied fully fixed and bonded. You simply unpack and install. Fixing rail kits manufactured from quality aluminium angle section can also be supplied.


If you need fret cut, illuminated sign pans then these can be manufactured from supplied artwork. Aluminium composite is the ideal material for durable, cost effective illuminated signage and displays and we can supply you with a complete, finished product.

LED lighting.

We have developed a unique LED based lighting system which allows you to offer a more energy efficient, durable sign product. Led illuminated sign pans eliminate the need to make service calls to change fluorescent tubes- this saves you money.

With today's high energy costs led illuminated sign trays allow you to offer your customers an economical lighting solution.

Fast quotes.

If you require an accurate price for your aluminium composite sign tray project then our fast quoting service is available.

Simply email the details of your aluminium composite sign tray project to us and we will supply you with an accurate, competitive quote within 24 hours.

Aluminium Composite sign trays and pans in every variant made for you direct.

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