Generic Aluminium Composite.

An affordable aluminium composite option.

Generic aluminium composites are usually sold under brand names such ad Skybond, Twobond, Gutbond and others. Generic aluminium composites are typically manufactured in China or India which gives these products a cost advantage.

With generic aluminium composites the difference is mainly price based. Branded aluminium composites are generally more expensive which reflects the guaranteed quality which the manufacturers provide.

When you might use generic aluminium composite.

Generic aluminium composites can be used in the same applications as branded material. Generic aluminium composites also machine and fold in the same manner as the branded alternatives. Some generics have a slightly different core makeup which makes them more resistant to bending.

Most people use generic aluminium composites where cost is the most important factor. For general sign and display work generic aluminium composites perform well and are virtually indistinguishable from their more expensive branded alternatives.

If you have been asked to deliver an "aluminium composite" sign or display product generics offer you the best value solution. If you are in a competitive quoting process where no specific brand of aluminium composite has been specified generics are your best option. Branded materials may make your price higher than it needs to be.

Why do we offer branded aluminium composites?

As generic aluminium composites seem to offer all the benefits of branded material you may be wondering why we bother offering branded Dibond or Reynobond material.

The reason why generic aluminium composites makeup a part and not the whole of our aluminium composite product range is due to choice and specification. For higher value work and long term installations some customers prefer to use slightly more expensive branded aluminium composite. These branded products offer a better level of warranty- much like genuine Perspex delivers a warranted 10 year lifetime whereas generic acrylic comes with no formal warranty period.

Another reason for offering branded and generic aluminium composites is to allow you to comply with specifications given to you by architects or specific specifications to quote for. In general architects and specifiers of major projects specify a particular brand of aluminium composite which must be used. This makes sense if the end users are "Blue Chip" or where the  applications are long term.

Generic aluminium composites and branded products- the perfect mix.

By offering the widest range of generic and branded aluminium composites you have the choice you need to meet any specification you are asked to quote for or match. Branded composites meet the higher end of the market whilst generic aluminium composites deliver excellent value for all your day to day projects.

Generic aluminium composites for great value everyday work.

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