Find someone to machine my...

Aluminium composite project.

Are you looking for someone to machine your aluminium composite project? You have the material or you have your own supplier; what you need is someone to machine the material for you.

If this describes your situation then you need our machine only service, it's designed to deliver exactly what you are looking for.find someone to fabricate my aluminium composite

No problem.

Trying to find that right someone to machine your aluminium composite project can be problematical. Some companies want you to buy all your raw material through them. Other companies only offer the most basic fabrication services; they'll sell you the raw composite sheets but can't help you turn it into the items you actually need.

This is where we're different, this is where we can step in and be that perfect someone to machine your aluminium composites.


Any type of aluminium composite; from expensive FR cladding materials through to cheap Chinese made generics. One sheet, one hundred sheets. Simple shapes, complicated folding. Whatever your aluminium composite project involves you can have it processed how you want.

It doesn't matter.

If you are looking for someone to machine your aluminium composite project it's not our place to insist you use the composite sheeting which best suits us. As far as we are concerned it simply doesn't matter what kind of composite you have or where it came from. Machining means just that; a service which allows you to get your choice of aluminium composite machine processed how you want it.

how to find an ACM fabricator

If you are an experience ACM user looking for someone who will do what you want using the materials you've selected then we're ready to help. You can use any of the services we offer, routing, water cutting, folding, curving. You tell us what to do and we'll do it; no fuss.