Alupanel aluminium composite.

Alupanel aluminium composite panel has been on the market for many years. Manufactured in Kent this type of aluminium composite works well for most applications; mainly sign and display focused.

alupanel aluminium composite

Machines well.

Alupanel aluminium composites are easy to cut with CNC routing machines; with the correct tooling you should expect nice clean edge cuts with no burring or "choppiness".

Alupanel aluminium composite is ideal for fabricated 3d work; score and fold applications. One thing to remember is that all important skin thickness; for this type of folding application a 0.3mm aluminium skin on both sides is advisable.

aluminium composite panel

If you need to use alupanel aluminium composites we can supply the material and machine it for you. Alternatively you can simply free issue your own alupanel sheet stock ready for us to work into the parts and shapes you need.


One of the most frustrating areas of the aluminium composite industry is being able to get hold of the right ACM. The colour you need is not available in enough volume. You need folding grade but everyone is offering you flat format composite only. Your project is efficiently placed on 10x5 sheets but no on has them, only 8x4 sheets are available.alternatives to alupanel aluminium composite panel

If your aluminium composite project requires a decent amount of sheet stock we can ensure you get the exact specification you need; the correct colour, the right skin thicknesses. Ordered from the factory and delivered direct to our processing centre this option means that we can guarantee raw material availability at all times.

This option means moving from alupanel to another European manufactured aluminium composite, the quality is the same or better, the specification & quantities are guaranteed by placing a direct order to the factory.