Where to buy a pallet of aluminium composite.

At the right prices.

Buying a pallet full of aluminium composite might sound a bit drastic but for many projects the square meters quickly add up. Before you know where you are it's probably cheaper to buy a pallet load of ACM; less cost per sheet, one simple delivery charge.

Finding out where to buy ACM by the pallet at the right price is useful information to have at your fingertips; you never know when you could use bulk purchasing to your own advantage.


Most aluminium composites are sold in ones and twos via suppliers with a network of depots and fleets of their own delivery trucks. If you normally buy your composites in little batches of 1's and 2's then this approach is very convenient.

pallet loads of aluminium composite

But what if you are buying more sheets of aluminium composite in one go? How much could you be saving by buying in bulk? Do you really need to operate a just in time system? Do the benefits of a lower unit price and immediate access to stock make more sense?

Direct to the door.

Buying aluminium composite by the pallet simplifies how we can save you money. The biggest headache with aluminium composite supply is the sheer size of the product; shipping one 8x4ft sheet by courier isn't really a viable option. Too expensive, too prone to damage in transit, for small orders we aren't equipped to help.

Once we get up to around 10 sheets of aluminium composite; that's where the UK pallet delivery network helps us to help you. Safely strapped to a strong wooden pallet your aluminium composite sheets can be protected and are package to allow easy forklift handling; an important issue for bulky items.

Experience tells us that if you buy pallet loads of composite there are savings we can offer you; even against the nationwide depots.