Aluminium Composite Fixings.

Save time and money.

To allow you simple and effective installation of our aluminium composite products we offer a range of fixing systems. These aluminium composite fixings are suitable for all kinds of application. Most importantly we know they work.


If you need to create aluminium composite signage and display panels you need our decorative fixings. This exclusive range of attractive aluminium composite fixings are available in a range of attractive colours and finishes.

decorative aluminium composite fixings

To make attractive signs and displays in aluminium composite simply use these fixings to secure your panels in place. Pre drilled, pre cut blank aluminium composite panels are available to suit this range of fixings.

Sold in unique blister packs our range of aluminium composite fixings come complete with fixing screws and rawlplugs. The security features built in to the fixings prevent unauthorised removal of your sign and display panels.

See more by visiting our dedicated display fixings/ sign support site.

Hidden cup and peg.

This type of aluminium composite fixing is used for letter and logo mounting. You can also use this fixing product to mount panels and sign boards. A simple fixing system which has been employed in the sign industry for years, this range of fixings are simple to use and work exceptionally well.

aluminium composite fixings

How this fixing system works.

The male "peg" part of the fixing is bonded to the rear of your aluminium composite. The positions of all male fixings are marked on a paper drilling template. You drill the fixing surface using this template and screw the female cup part of the fixing system into place. The aluminium composite which has the male peg parts bonded to the rear is simply lifted into place and pushed into the cups- it's that simple.

This aluminium composite fixing system is quick, clean and allows for removal.


This aluminium composite fixing system is available in three sizes;

If you wish to use this aluminium composite fixing system on individual cut out letters please ensure that your stroke width is larger than 13mm.

Big head fixings.

Big head fixings for aluminium composite are a range of specially designed metal base plates. These base plates can be fitted with threaded studs, threaded nuts or straight shafts.

Big head fixings for aluminium composite allow you to bolt or resin fix aluminium composite panels, signs and letters. Available in mild or stainless steel these aluminium composite fixings are simply bonded to the rear of you work and fitted via a standard paper layout template. Adhesive suitable for these fixings can be found here.

NOTE; our big head aluminium composite fixings are our own range of products

Professional Aluminium Composite fixing systems.

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